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About Us

The trusted AAC blocks dealer in Coimbatore, Shreesha Building Solution, offers cost-effective access to high-quality AAC blocks and construction supplies throughout Tamil Nadu. We have 17 years of experience in this industry and are likely one of the top merchants of concrete blocks, offering high-quality Autoclave Aerated Concrete Blocks, Concrete Blocks, and AAC Block Trowel. As a result, we have received praise and gratitude from our prestigious clients. We have products that are well-known for their exceptional features, like our Meghalite AAC blocks and Birla Aerocon AAC blocks.

To become the top retailer and distributor of a variety of eco-friendly building goods to ensure that the items satisfy the required standards for quality.

To establish ourselves as the industry leader in the production of AAC blocks for our clients that are of the highest quality, lightweight, and innovation-driven.

To build a reputation in the construction sector by continually providing products of the highest calibre along with guaranteeing client satisfaction.


Dealer AAC Blocks

AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete) blocks are a lightweight, precast building material made from a mixture of cement, lime, sand, and water. It has a low thermal conductivity, which makes it an ideal material for sound insulation and energy efficiency. AAC blocks are strong and durable and are easy to cut, shape, and install. They can be used as a load-bearing wall or as part of a partition wall, and they can also be used as a lightweight, non-load-bearing infill material.

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AAC Block Types

Shreesha Building Solution, Coimbatore, which was founded in 2005, quickly established itself as the leading supplier of AAC blocks in Tamil Nadu. We offer a huge selection of superior autoclaved aerated concrete blocks in addition to other premium building supplies. We have assembled a team of highly qualified individuals to help customers clear up their questions and select the best options by leveraging our extensive industry experience and understanding of their needs.

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Foam Concrerte

Concrete is a manmade material used in building construction consists of aggregates which is bonded together by cement and water. The other major part of concrete besides the cement is the aggregate. Aggregate includes sand, crushed stone, gravel, slag, burnt shale and burnt clay. Fine aggregate refers smaller size of aggregates which behaves like structural filler material in concrete. Coarse aggregate is crushed stones or gravels, which tends to improve quality and bond characteristics and it also gives high flexural strength to concrete.

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Building Materials

BENEFITS OF 4 INCH BIRLA AEROCON AAC BLOCKS Super light Construction time is reduced Pest and fire resistance Acoustic and thermal insulation Zero wastage Saves energy Eco-friendly Increased durability

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  • aruloli sivakumar

    posted on : 02-12-2022

    They present their products and approaches very well. I was very pleased to purchase and use the products.


    posted on : 01-12-2022

    Best AAC blocks Dealer in Tamilnadu, Thanks for your service


    posted on : 26-11-2022

    AAC blocks of high quality at a very reasonable price. There is no waiting period. Every supply comes with a test certificate. In their dealings, the company is transparent.

  • chinthu athma

    posted on : 16-11-2022

    After purchasing Aerocon AAC Blocks, I received excellent service from the Shreesha team.

  • Preethi Panneerselvam

    posted on : 13-11-2022

    The best company for on-time delivery. The best manufacturer of building materials.

  • Velvizhi Sivakumar

    posted on : 08-11-2022

    Excellent products at affordable prices. Management services are of high quality. I particularly value their prompt delivery of goods.

  • Boopathi Duraismay

    posted on : 08-11-2022

    Really the Shreesha AAC BLOCKS are very Durable & worth for our amount.

  • Gayathri Pannerselvam

    posted on : 29-10-2022

    I ordered wall putty and mark readymix plaster because it's a low-cost, high-performance brand. The quality is the same after 10 months.

  • Kallumalayil Traders

    posted on : 15-07-2022

    Highly recommend for customers

  • siva G

    posted on : 03-07-2022

    Very Good Service.

  • 123cbe Admin

    posted on : 18-05-2022

    Best aac block provider in coimbatore, high quality products

  • Baskar Das

    posted on : 02-03-2022

    Best acc block in Coimbatore

  • vijayakumar narayanasamy

    posted on : 02-03-2022

    vijayakumar narayanasamy

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