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  • Heat Transfer Equipments Pvt Ltd

    SF NO:186/4,5,6, SITE NO:9A,
    SIDCO Private Industrial Estate
    Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641021

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  • Monday      :     9.00 AM - 6.00 PM
  • Tuesday      :     9.00 AM - 6.00 PM
  • Wednesday      :     9.00 AM - 6.00 PM
  • Thursday      :     9.00 AM - 6.00 PM
  • Friday      :     9.00 AM - 6.00 PM
  • Saturday      :     9.00 AM - 6.00 PM

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About Us

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Heat Exchanger in India.We guarantee to supply our marked items at extremely aggressive cost with magnificent quality.

About us

Heat Transfer Equipments Pvt Ltd is the main ISO 9001-2015 guaranteed maker and exporters of Cooling Towers and Heat Exchangers. We guarantee to supply our marked items at extremely aggressive cost with magnificent quality execution and auspicious dispatch to fulfill our clients. We give full administration from Cooling Tower and Heat Exchanger choice, outline, working/condition calculation, fabricate, conveyance and establishment.

Our Vision

A world class provider, fulfilling clients, investors and representatives. To extend subjective produce and administrations with appropriate showcasing foundation, in this manner meeting client’s necessity of value and opportune conveyance bringing about cost points of interest to the client.

Our Mission

We promote our items over the world shrewd we guarantee to supply world class arrangement hardware at focused cost with amazing quality execution on time conveyance premise. Since have a long haul business association with our current clients and new clients in India and in addition abroad.

Our Team

We are working with the assistance of an exceedingly able group which enlisted from innovative experts, which holds enormous ability in assembling an immaculate scope of hardware for refrigeration and cooling frameworks. Every one of these experts are profoundly taught. Inferable from their commitment and true approach, We can meet the surpassing requests of our customers. Our Team Comprises Management administrators, Quality controllers, Administrative Staffs, Specialized staffs and Skilled Workers.

Heat Exchangers

  • Air Cooled Condenser
  • Air blast oil cooler
  • Steam Coil Air Pre Heater
  • Air Cooled Closed Circuit Coolers
  • Hot Water Radiator
  • Surface Condensers
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
  • Air Fin Cooler
  • Air Heat Exchanger
  • Air HeaterAir Receivers
  • Fin Fan CoolerAluminium Heat Exchangers
  • Finned Air Cooler
  • Inter cooler
  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Oil Cooler
  • Calorifier Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger
  • Steam Heat Exchangers
  • Marine Heat Exchanger
  • Thermic oil radiator
  • Chiller Air Conditioning
  • Cassion oil heater
  • Copper Heat Exchangers
  • Coil Type Heat Exchanger
  • Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
  • Kettle Reboiler Type Heat Exchanger
  • Evaporative Condensers
  • Finned Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Fixed Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger
  • Flue Gas Air PreheaterPlate
  • Finned Type Heat Exchanger
  • Plate Type Heat Exchanger
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Removable Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
  • SS High Pressure Heat Exchangers
  • Removable Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger
  • U Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger
  • Vertical Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Water Heat Exchanger


  • Closed Circuit Cooling Tower
  • Dry Cooling Tower
  • FRP Cooling Tower
  • Square Shape Cooling Towers
  • Skid Mounted Cooling Tower
  • Hybrid Cooling Tower
  • Evaporative Cooling Tower
  • Fanless Cooling Tower
  • Natural Draft Cooling Tower
  • RCC Cooling Tower
  • Round Shape Cooling Tower
  • Timber Cooling Tower


  • Tea Dryer Radiators
  • Coconut Dryers
  • Paddy Dryer Heat Exchanger
  • Cashew Dryers
  • Seed Dryers
  • Fluid Bed Dryers
  • Starch Dryers
  • Sago Dryers
  • Wood Seasoning Kiln



  • suresh heattransfer

    posted on : 2020-08-18

    One of the best leading manufacturers cooling tower & heat exchanger company in coimbatore.

  • suresh kumar

    posted on : 2020-07-22

    Heat transfer equipments Pvt Ltd,Best industrial manufacturing Company in India

  • JC Equipments

    posted on : 2019-08-13

    Heat Transfer Equipments is the No.1 Designer, Manufacturer, Exporter of Heat Exchangers, Cooling towers, Pressure vessels. And successful designer of Closed circuit cooling tower in India.

  • Heat Transfer

    posted on : 2019-06-22

    Successful designer of all Heat Transfer & Cooling Equipments in India

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