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About Us

ODD infotech is the best digitizing service from India for embroidery digitizing service and vector art conversion, Our ODD Infotech at India has the premium quality for embroidery digitizing service. Though we have a group of professional experts and talented embroidery digitizers team in our ODDInfotech, India. Our Embroidery Digitizing service is the most effective, we create a new method to introduce the different and elegant designs. It involves different aspects that are done to come up with unique with attractive embroidery designs. We at ODD Infotech has some unique promises – “Best Quality Is Our First Priority” – we dedicate mentally to give the high standards for quality digitizing embroidery service and excellent customer guidance, Our pricing holds best affordable cost with our every custom digitizing services has some unique pricing, Our team has some years of experience in the embroidery digitizing services we do passionately in providing the great digitizing services with the latest technologies, We are the classy embroidery digitizing service provider in India to all over the USA, Uk, and Canada.Our ODD infotech focus on Vector Art Conversion Services and Custom Embroidery Digitizing Services from India, Our Custom Embroidery Digitizing service is the technique in which our designs are created new trending with lots of requirements. Generally, Custom designs are becoming very common these days as people prefer to have customized designs for their own. We are offering the best quality and affordable pricing for vector artwork services with fast work by our professional graphic designers. Our professionals have a unique talent in changing the low-quality image in bitmap or raster format like JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF or PDF, it cannot be easily changed but We recreate the pixels for your specific uses.



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