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  • SRKV Polytechnic College

    Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya Polytechnic College,
    SRKV Post, Periyanaickenpalayam,
    Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641020

  • 9578432223 / 8012533917

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Opening Hours

  • Monday    : 9.00am–5.00pm
  • Tuesday    : 9.00am–5.00pm
  • Wednesday    : 9.00am–5.00pm
  • Thursday    : 9.00am–5.00pm
  • Friday    : 9.00am–5.00pm
  • Saturday    : 9.00am–5.00pm
  • Sunday    : closed

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About Us

Sri Ramakrishna was born on 18 February 1836 in the village of Kamarpukur about sixty miles northwest of Kolkata. His parents, Kshudiram Chattopadhyaya and Chandramani Devi, were poor but very pious and virtuous. As a child, Ramakrishna (his childhood name was Gadadhar) was dearly loved by the villagers. From early days, he was disinclined towards formal education and worldly affairs. He was, however, a talented boy, and could sing and paint well. He was fond of serving holy men and listening to their discourses. He was also very often found to be absorbed in spiritual moods. At the age of six, he experienced the first ecstasy while watching a flight of white cranes moving against the background of black clouds. This tendency to enter into ecstasy intensified with age. His father’s death when he was seven years old served only to deepen his introspection and increase his detachment from the world.


To be a centre of excellence in the field of technical education.


To offer diploma level education to cater to the needs of industry and society

To mould students to be disciplined, competent and socially responsible technicians, who will be assets to our nation’s human resource pool.

To provide the best possible infrastructure and adopt advanced methodologies for improving the calibre of students and the staff

To establish, maintain and continuously improve our quality management system

To expose our students to the universal principles of harmony among religions, universal brotherhood, man-making and character-building education.

To create feedback mechanism to evaluate our performance and emerging trends in industry

To identify the latent latent talents of our students by providing a conducive environment.

Courses Offered


Basic Engineering,Basic Engg..,Basic Engg.. ,Civil Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,Electrical & Electronic Engineering,Information Technology

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  • Swami Brahmananda Hostel

    posted on : 02-01-2023

    Man Making Education....Swami Vivekananda

  • Sandeep Kumar

    posted on : 22-06-2022

    One of the best institutions I have ever come across. Belonging to an Army family, same discipline I have observed in this institution. I have learned the lesson “how to live in life” from a Principle, Teachers and Swami Ji of this great institution. I am blessed to be part of this institution (DEEE 2005-2008).


    posted on : 03-04-2022

    Very super collage

  • V R

    posted on : 02-04-2022

    Got good memories Mobile strictly prohibited Warden has strictly punishment Outing has allowed

  • Nishanth Nichu

    posted on : 22-02-2022

    The Staff in EEE Department taking care of students studies with more responsibility

  • Sivasurya Ao

    posted on : 11-02-2022

    Very super college but not allowed phone

  • Godwinarun Godwinarun

    posted on : 20-01-2022

    Best one for physical education college

  • vijayakumar v

    posted on : 03-01-2022

    Highly appreciate for the College infrastructures, Natural atmosphere, Very kind Staffs, Culture, everything beyond our expectation. Learning life along with education...


    posted on : 14-01-2021

    Wonderful college Teaching level super Good infrastructure

  • Srinivasan Venkatesan

    posted on : 11-01-2021

    Being an alumini I felt proud and have good memories


    posted on : 05-05-2020

    Best college for physical education

  • Padmanabhan K

    posted on : 11-01-2020

    Food is very bad and not careing collage

  • Murali.V Vijay

    posted on : 24-03-2019

    Fraud college. No response for alumunies

  • Brinda k

    posted on : 16-01-2019

    The best institution and a greeny place which, moulds us with exact system of education and discipline. The service rendered by our institution help us to develop ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually.

  • 21CSEG23 Raghul D

    posted on : 16-01-2019

    Good place for studying


    posted on : 15-01-2019

    College was very nice but hostel was poor Food not good and bathroom not good but full hostel not good phone were not allowed here

  • Buthipriyan Vadivel

    posted on : 14-01-2019

    🌾 Fantastic Atmosphere🌴 good Teaching ever …

  • ajith kumar

    posted on : 24-02-2018

    I am so proud becoz i was studied here they are give me the more good habits. and staffs are good relation with students

  • Guna Narayanan

    posted on : 23-02-2018

    My college very good

  • Sushil Bhatt

    posted on : 10-02-2017

    College with students having ethics and environmen around is awesome.

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About SRKV Polytechnic College

Sri Ramakrishna was born on 18 February 1836 in the village of Kamarpukur about sixty miles northwest of Kolkata. His parents, Kshudiram Chattopadhyaya and Chandramani Devi, were poor but very pious and virtuous.

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