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  • Sapna Book House Pvt. Ltd.

    1st Floor, Prozone Mall,
    Saravanampatti, Sivanandhapuram,
    Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641035

  • Mobile : 9787755868
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Opening Hours

  • Monday      :     10am–10pm
  • Tuesday      :     10am–10pm
  • Wednesday      :     10am–10pm
  • Thursday      :     10am–10pm
  • Friday      :     10am–10pm
  • Saturday      :     10am–10pm
  • Sunday      :     10am–10pm

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About Us

51! this ordinary number bears a unique significance to the 1000+ employees of SAPNA GROUP. Indeed, SAPNA celebrated its 50th year in Jan 2017.

In 1967, Mr Suresh Shah, the founder of SAPNA GROUP, came to Bangalore from Mumbai and set up a 10 X 10 sq feet of a bookshop, the humble beginning of SAPNA.

51 years on, SAPNA has expanded beyond its Retail Business to encompass Publishing, Pan-India Distribution, Ecommerce, Technology, University Supplies as well as B2B Supplies . For readers in Southern India, the 16+ SAPNA BookMalls have become a part of their lives. In their schooling days, they walked hand-in-hand with their parents into SAPNA to look for books; now, they walk hand-in- hand with their children into SAPNA, doing exactly what they did with their parents back then. This practice will always carry on. Such is the power of knowledge!

Today SAPNA deals in not only Books alone but 20+ non book verticals in the Retail business. It’s Ecommerce store facilitates delivery of products to the whole of India & It’s Publishing unit has published more than 5000+ book titles so far.


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