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  • WhiteLeaf Natural Car Absorbent
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  • Mobile : +91 98946 25202
  • Email : mail@whiteleaf.com
  • Web : https://www.mywhiteleaf.com

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About Us

We in green black enterprises believe in nature and harness it to the well being of the human race. We do it by using the natural resources and presenting it aesthetically to fit in to the requirement. We, at present make natural car absorbent.


Our prime business is into charcoal and activated carbon. We have eight years of experience in supplying it for various industrial applications. With this application knowledge we utilized this natural resource to meet the requirement of removing odor inside the car.


1) Mainly absorbs the emissions, due to heating of synthetic interior and outer air
2) In addition, removes odor of cigarette smoke,pet, food spills, sweat and damp
3) Made out of activated carbon
4) And works for 4 months


1) Unique due to proprietary process content
2) Resources are of natural and renewable
3) Because, packed with compressed wooden particle board
4) Lastly covered in virgin craft paper board


1) Keep your car, free from odor
2) Get rid of head ache, allergy and dis comfort
3) Works 24 x 7, no need for power
4) Elegant design, suits the car interior
5) No harm for pets and human
6) Costs less, works for 4 months
7) Won,t let odor to mix with scent, so suits scent user too
8) Safe and comfort for driving



  • Martin A.M

    My children used to suffer from the car perfumes & the same cause allergy to them. This has been happening for last 13 years. I purchased and installed the Eco friendly car deodorant there is no such compliants and i recommend it.

  • Ashish Banthia

    I have purchased whiteleaf - Car Deodoriser for my car. There was some kind of odour in my car due to seat cover but after using his product within a weeks time there was no odour in the car. I strongly recommend Whiteleaf car deodoriser to all my friends.

  • Anbazhagan P

    We purchased 100 Nos. of Whiteleaf-Natural Deodorizer to give gifts to our customers. The packing is very attractive and our customer also impressed. We refer to our friends and relative circle also. Thanks to Whiteleaf.


    I am Akshay Parekh director of M/s. India Battery Service.I often used to get headaches when i am in car because of the aroma of the car perfume. He showed me his Whiteleaf, the natural car deodoriser and told that this small piece of box could be a solution for my problem i really laughed to myself as to what this small black carbon could do.The deodoriser really worked wonders.

  • Chakravarthy.S Birur

    Very innovative and practical product at affordable price.There was a stinking sock n the car which my friend left in after running 42km marathon. next day there was no foul smell in the car, i thought my driver would have thrown the socks . i was amazed to see the sock in the same place. Whiteleaf had done its job. Very quick response and delivery with customization . I have got it done . It make a ideal gift.

  • Deepa Kannan

    I want to record the testimonial for the product Whiteleaf, has provided Whiteleaf to fight the fridge odor inside car was excellent. It looked like a magic wand, but only of nice looking wooden box. The odor is completely gone and i am not feeling plastic smell too inside the car nowadays. I will happily recommend this product to my friends and contacts. Thank you Whiteleaf!

  • Suresh sankar

    M. Suresh Sankar CEO, Sindhiya Plastic industries We are in the business of manufacturing plastic moulded furniture and household products. Our company is a 5 years old company with the business experience of more than 10 years in this field. He gave me referrals to make a plastic pACKAGING FOR HIS White leaf product so that i contacted my tool maker and asked him to develop some designs so gave raw sample and explained him the concept, he took it & checked in his car where there was decayed cheese smell, which he could not get rid of it for past few months. Without faith he tried the whiteleaf, for surpise next day morning he could sense level of odor has gone done and in few days got rid of it completely.

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